"I am a Computer Scientist (BSc), Cyberpsychologist (MSc) and the Lead Design Architect & Developer at Realizeit.

IconOf.Com is my mote of dust in the virtual cosmos, exploring innovative design paradigms, captivating user experiences and the cyberpsychology of our online interactions."

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Social Bits: Personality & Learning Style Profiling via the Social Web (slides from The Psychology of New Media event @ Dublin)

in Cyberpsychology, My Research, Social Bits, Social Web A few weeks ago, I presented my chapter from the upcoming Cyberpsychology book 'The Psychology of New Media' at the IADT, as part of Innovation Dublin 2012. As promised, here are the slides from the presentation, along with a few notes for people that were not

Artificial Intelligence, Robots & humans: A Cyberpsychological perspective

in Cyberpsychology The possibility of a machine with consciousness raises many philosophical, psychological and sociological questions about the nature of consciousness itself and what it really means to be intelligent.

Node.js Amazon CloudFormation template

in Development The following CloudFormation template will allow you to easily launch Amazon EC2 instances running Node.js, without having to install and configure Node on EC2 every single time.

What is a client-side app and why should I care?

in Development For years, we have been developing websites and applications that run on the server, using the language of our choice. A client-side app, lets you move to the next level and further decouple the presentation of data and business logic from the server to the cl